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How to Keep Eyelashes From Smudging Glasses

How to Keep Eyelashes From Smudging Glasses

Many people like the flattering look of long eyelashes. If you have luxurious lashes, they may brush up against your glasses while you’re wearing them. We think your stylish reading glasses should feel lightweight and comfortable all day. This guide tells you more about how to keep eyelashes from smudging glasses. You’ll learn what could be causing the smudging. We’ll also help you explore how to find the right pair of specs. 

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Why Eyelashes Smudge Glasses

There are different reasons why eyelashes could hit your lenses. Sometimes, a voluminous curl brushes up against your frames. Some people wear a lot of mascara or smudge their glasses when taking them off. It’s also possible that your glasses fit too close to your face. 

Reasons to Prevent Eyelash Smudging

Even if you’re used to a little smudging, there are reasons to prevent it. It’s uncomfortable to have your lashes hitting your lenses. You don’t have to feel that way while you’re wearing your specs. Smudging can make blue light reading glasses dirty, affecting clear vision. Debris and blemishes make eyewear less durable. 

Ways to Keep Eyelashes from Smudging

If you’re tired of smudging your glasses when you blink, there are ways to prevent it. Think about what may be causing your eyelashes to smudge your glasses. Then, discover a possible solution for it. 

Change Your Eyelash Routine

If you wear false lashes, consider wearing a slightly different style. A shorter length may help them fit under your favorite glasses. Try an eyelash curler to coax your natural lashes in another direction. A new approach may be what you need to prevent smudging. 

Experiment with Your Mascara

Work with your mascara to see if you can use less product. You could also try a lightweight mascara formula. Some beauty products are prone to less clumping, so the mascara has less chance of running across your lenses. 

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Remove Your Glasses Slowly

Another way to prevent smudging is to take your glasses off more carefully when you’re done with them. Pull your specs gently off your face using two hands. Lift up on each side of the temple arms and then move them off your ears and away from your eyes. 

Check Your Measurements

You can check your measurements if your glasses fit too close to your face. We have a guide on how to measure glasses size for your convenience. When it comes to eyelashes smudging your glasses, our Optical Fit Guide can also help you find the perfect pair of men’s glasses or women’s glasses.

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Talk to an Eye Doctor

Sometimes, you’ll have specific questions about your measurements or why your eyelashes keep smudging your glasses. Consider having a conversation with your eye doctor. They can check your measurements and help you with how to measure your glasses size. With the right information in hand, you can shop for your perfect pair.

Wearing Comfortable, Stylish Glasses

Everyone deserves a comfortable pair of specs. Now you know what you can do about lashes brushing against your lenses. If you’re looking for a new pair, we can help you find glasses. Our Perfect Pair Finder is designed to make shopping for glasses fun and worthwhile. 

Tell us whether you’re looking for women’s glasses or men’s glasses. Then, specify the style of specs. Many people want readers, but others are looking for progressives. We even have sunglasses. Glasses that fit well on your face can help you avoid brushing and smudging. This guide can help you find other ways to adjust your routine.