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Polarized, Reading and Blue Light: 5 Signs You Need Glasses

Polarized, Reading and Blue Light: 5 Signs You Need Glasses

If you need to enhance your vision, there are many types of eyewear available to you. Some people will end up needing reading glasses to see their best, while others will benefit most from blue light glasses or a pair of polarized sunglasses. Everyone’s eyes are unique, so it helps to know some of the common signs that you need glasses. The following list will tell you if you should take a vision test or if you need to see an eye doctor. 

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1. Sensitivity to Light

There are many reasons why people experience photophobia or light sensitivity. Causes include dry eye, as well as vision conditions like cataracts. It’s also possible to be sensitive to light when you’re experiencing a migraine headache or if you have damage to your retina. If you’re unsure why you are experiencing photophobia, see an eye doctor for an exam. You can try wearing a pair of glasses that help with symptoms of light sensitivity, like polarized sunglasses. 

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology

(AAO), polarized lenses include a special chemical filter that reduces glare and makes images clearer and sharper. Since you’ll reduce the amount of light exposure to your eyes, you can help to cut down on your symptoms of photophobia. For some people, reading glasses and blue light glasses can help to prevent the symptoms of dry eye. Having the right vision correction or prescription can help to reduce eye strain, keeping your eyes lubricated and comfortable. 

2. Blurry or Fuzzy Vision

If you have the wrong glasses for your vision needs, words or objects may appear blurry. Correcting your prescription or getting the right type of glasses can help to alleviate symptoms. Sometimes, people need vision correction for age-related vision loss, known as presbyopia. A pair of reading glasses can make it easier to see, no matter what you’re doing. 

You may also have fuzzy vision if you experience dry eye syndrome or the effects of digital eye strain. If you need reading glasses to see text or images up close, the right pair of lenses can help to relieve your blurred eyesight. Blue light glasses can help to reduce dry eye and eye strain, which can make your vision clearer and more comfortable. 

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3. Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). It’s a group of symptoms that occur when you use your computer or another digital device for an extended period. Many people must use their laptops or tablets for work. Digital devices are also a reliable way to read and study. 

If you’re having problems focusing when you’re on your digital device or your vision just doesn’t feel comfortable when you’re on a screen, you can try a pair of blue light glasses. A pair of this innovative and helpful type of eyewear can help to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, which helps to prevent CVS symptoms.

4. Frequent Headaches

There are plenty of reasons why you could be getting headaches. To help narrow down the reason for your discomfort, pay attention to if it happens while you’re reading or working on a computer. It’s also worth a mention if you have them once you get new glasses. 

Headaches can occur from the wrong type of vision correction, but they are also another symptom of eye strain. It’s possible that you’ll need strong powers in your lenses, but you could also need an added boost from a pair of reading glasses. Blue light glasses help to reduce headaches in people who get them from staring at a screen for too long. Taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes can help alleviate pain, along with a recommendation of the right eyewear from your doctor.

5. Squinting at Objects

If you have near-vision loss, you’ll probably squint when you read a book or look at your smartphone. Your eyes strain because they are having trouble focusing on close objects or small text. A pair of readers can make it so you don’t have to squint or hold your book at arm’s length. 

Some people squint when they drive because of glare or light sensitivity. Polarized lenses will help to reduce too much brightness when you’re in the car. You can also prevent the discomfort that comes from squinting when you wear sunglasses in the snow. Polarized glasses help you to see better while boating or participating in athletics. They’re also a great choice for enjoying a book outside, especially when you pair them with reading lenses. 

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Finding the Right Glasses for You

Eyewear such as readers and blue light glasses can make a big difference in how you see and feel. Whether you’re interested in avoiding headaches or seeing more clearly, there is a pair of lenses and frames that can help you to achieve your goals. Get started by visiting your eye doctor or browsing the glasses on our site. 

We have everything from stylish blue light eyewear to polarized accessories for blocking the sun’s harmful rays. With our collections of lightweight, quality glasses, you will find something that makes you feel more comfortable for every occasion. You’ll also look stylish and feel confident about your appearance and outfit!