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How to Choose the Best Glasses Frames for Your Style

How to Choose the Best Glasses Frames for Your Style

Everyone has their own style. Whether you prefer a modern or classic look, there's eyewear to match your outfits. This guide explains how to choose glasses frames for your accessories and clothing. Discover the specs that make you feel stylish and confident. 

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Determine Your Glasses Type

To choose the best glasses for your style, decide why you're wearing them. For example, some people wear their readers at home. In this case, you can experiment with frame shape or color. Some people wear blue light glasses at work and match them to their professional wardrobe. 

With polarized sunglasses, you can get a chic vacation vibe or an everyday casual look. Progressive glasses come in versatile colors and shapes to match casual or business clothes. First, find out if you need more than one pair of glasses or if you will wear a single pair. Then, take a closer look at your signature style. 

Look at Your Closet

With so many glasses styles available here at Peepers, you can match your eyewear to your clothes. First, look at your closet to see what colors you wear. Some people create their outfits out of neutrals, while others prefer pastels or vibrant colors. 

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Next, decide if your clothing gives off a certain vibe. Does your closet feel retro-chic or clean and traditional? Your specs can help you achieve your style goals. Take notes on the colors and designs you see the most. You'll find plenty of inspiration for choosing glasses frames for your style. 

Decide on a Classic or Modern Style

Now that you're brainstorming glasses styles, think about whether to go classic or modern. If you prefer classic specs, you will find a subtle yet flattering look. Try a pair of traditional square-shaped glasses with a timeless tortoise pattern. Simple round frames in a clean color like gray or tan will look good with many clothing styles. 

If you're shopping for modern blue light glasses or reading glasses frames, you'll stand out with a trend-forward round cat-eye shape. Try a pair with a playful ombre design or creative iridescent coloring. Or shop for oversized soft-square glasses with a crystal finish and dreamy shades like blue quartz and purple quartz. There are a variety of standout specs to boost your style and help you express yourself. 

Consider Your Favorite Colors

Blue light glasses or reading glasses don't have to be boring. If you have a playful or eclectic look, you can wear specs in your favorite colors. Some bright and stylish glasses colors for men include blue and honey tortoise. Or select shades inspired by nature, like green or brown. 

When it comes to women's glasses, you'll find classic colors with a modern twist. Choose frames in green tortoise or navy tortoise to match your favorite clothing pieces. If you like wearing black clothing, you'll find ladies' specs in polished and wear-everywhere shades like black marble. Boost your mood and keep things positive with fun colors like yellow or pink quartz. Mint and blush are excellent choices for those who like soft colors. 

Shop for More Than One Pair

Some people wear their clothing for the occasion. Others have an eclectic style. If this sounds like you, consider shopping for more than one pair of specs. Here at Peepers, we make our glasses affordable so you can get the frame shapes and colors you love. 

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Buy a pair of blue light glasses for work and another for reading at home. Polarized sunglasses or reading sunglasses are an excellent choice for spending time outside. If your eye doctor recommends progressives, you can get a pair for the weekdays and another for the weekend. You can even pick up stylish glasses for wearing to a special event or vacation.

Choosing Your Perfect Pair of Glasses

Glasses are an expression of your personal style. When you match your eyewear with your clothing, you'll love how you look. You'll also like that your outfits feel polished and put together. 

Finding a pair of specs that you love is easier than you think. Browse our wide selection of readers and blue light glasses for your ideal colors and frame shapes. If you need inspiration, get started with our Perfect Pair Finder. It'll ask you a few simple questions to help you find the right frames for your style. Soon, you'll be wearing glasses that feel great and make fashion fun.