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Women's Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear

Here at Peepers, we make blue light blocking glasses to fit your unique style and enhance your vision. Our women’s blue light glasses are also designed with your comfort in mind! Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Eyewear features lenses that help to protect your eyes from digital eye strain. A proprietary baked-in technology filters over 40 percent of harmful blue light on the light spectrum. 

While you enjoy these benefits for your eyesight, our blue light glasses for women include an innovative anti-reflective coating for less glare and clearer vision. UV400 protection blocks 99.9 percent of harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun, while an anti-scratch coating keeps your lenses more durable. Ultra-thin and lightweight lenses combined with a polycarbonate frame make your eyeglasses feel like they are barely there. 

You will love how Peepers eyeglasses protect your eyesight and feel on your face. You are also sure to like how they give you a chic and polished look. Our stylish blue light reading glasses and computer glasses for women come in frame shapes and colors for everyone. Whether you are looking for round-shaped eyewear with an eco-friendly design or cat-eye specs that make a statement, there is a pair of glasses for you. 

Discover Oprah’s picks for Peepers reading glasses and find out why they are among her Favorite Things! Shop for the latest chunky square retro styles and elongated rectangular styles for a contemporary look. With so many chic and affordable choices, you will find glasses for work and leisure time. 

Pick up a classic color like smoke or tortoise that matches your business casual outfits. Bold frame colors like orange and pink quartz will show your vibrant personality and complement your style while you relax or socialize. There are so many ways to wear Peepers blue light glasses for women. Browse our pages of designs to find eyeglasses that protect your eyes and look great with everything you wear.