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How to Test Blue Light Glasses

How to Test Blue Light Glasses

Many of our daily activities involve some type of digital screen. Whether we work on a computer or scroll through posts on our smartphone, we leave our eyes susceptible to blue light exposure. Unfortunately, too much blue light may contribute to uncomfortable eye symptoms such as dry eye or eye strain. It may also make the eyes feel more tired and promote the chance of headaches. 

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Thankfully, there are simple and effective ways to avoid many of the common problems related to blue light. Strategies include seeing an eye doctor for regular exams and researching blue light glasses’ benefits. To help make a good purchase, it is also possible to learn how to test blue light glasses at home. Feel confident about how they work and protect eyes from discomfort. 

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

To determine whether blue light glasses, sometimes called screen glasses work, it is important to know what makes them different from another type of lens. Here at Peepers, our blue light glasses are unique because they have a proprietary, baked-in lens formula4 that filters blue light that can come from a variety of sources including computers and smartphones . Blue light lenses with anti-reflective coatings are included in our reading glasses. Since it is possible to shop for them without a prescription, anyone can buy blue light glasses for their benefit.

Ways to Test Blue Light Glasses

There are a few different ways to test blue light glasses or blue light reading glasses. Some of them are easy to complete at home. Others may require a professional opinion or some type of equipment. Read through the different ways to evaluate these glasses. Each approach is designed to check whether the glasses can protect eyes from blue light exposure. 

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Optical Spectrometer

A reliable way to know whether blue light glasses work is to use an optical spectrometer. A spectrometer is a laboratory instrument that measures the properties of light. This includes visible light, as well as ultraviolet (UV) light sources and infrared light sources. By placing a blue light lens into the spectrometer, the device can determine whether blue light is passing by the lens or being blocked by it. 
Spectrometers are professional-grade, which means they are found in specialized laboratories. They are also expensive to purchase. While highly accurate, it is not usually possible to evaluate lenses this way at home. At Peepers we use spectrometers as a part of our spectral analysis tests. Understanding this data can help to determine whether the lenses block enough blue light to help prevent symptoms like dry eye or eye strain.
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Find Blue Light Glasses That Work

Choosing specs that go through rigorous testing6 will ensure that you protect your eyes and make the most of your investment in eyeglasses. Here at Peepers, you can rest assured that our blue light glasses are designed to work. Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses enhance your experience in the digital world by filtering over 40 percent of high-energy visible blue light1

Our multi-layer anti-reflective coating reduces4 glare on the surface of the lens, making it easier to see and enjoy all-day comfort3. With so many chic and timeless styles available, it is easy to look great, too. Check out our designs for men and women. For those of us who need readers to see up close, it is easy to take our reading glasses test. Effortlessly discover the glasses you need for the best visual experience. The easier it is to find the eyewear that you need, the more comfortable and energized you will be to take on your day.