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If you have any questions about our website's accessibility, please contact us at, (219) 872-4413, or live chat
Find Your Most Flattering Frame Shape

Find Your Most Flattering Frame Shape

With so many amazing Peepers designs to choose from, you’ll never run out of options to suit your wardrobe, the season, or a particular mood. However, you can’t ignore the fact that certain frame shapes are going to be the most flattering on particular face shapes. If you’re interested in finding out which types of frames are perfectly suited to your physiognomy, here are the shapes we offer with a few helpful hints to ensure flawless fashion.


Standing Ovation oversize gray tortoise blue light reading glasses by Peepers front view


A big, chunky frame can be difficult to pull off, but if you have an oval face that’s longer than it is wide, you’re in luck. You can get away with oversized and wide frames in square or rectangular styles, giving you a lot of options to add a daring punch to your wardrobe. Not for the faint of heart—oversize styles are statement pieces guaranteed to draw attention. Try chunky and bold Standing Ovation, a perfect contrast for rounder face shapes.

If you want the oversize look but have a straighter jawline and prefer swooping edges over angles, Center Stage Focus has been a best seller at the top of the charts for a reason.


Lois rust soft square blue light reading glasses by Peepers front view


Soft Square

These frames are extremely popular due to their versatility and universally flattering tendencies. They look good on just about any face shape! They’re angular enough to accentuate a round or oval face but still have enough gentle curvature to smooth out a square jaw. Clark Focus, now featuring its new counterpart Lois, is a safe bet if you’re new to reading glasses and not sure what shape to try first.


Fair Isle black rectangle blue light reading glasses by Peepers front view


A perfect match for an oval face. If you have rounded edges but your face is longer than it is wide, a rectangular frame will flatter your curves and add some balance. The contrast will have a slight thinning effect on rounder faces. Try a frame like Fair Isle with slimming angles and attention-grabbing patterns on the temples.


The Good Life rose gold round metal blue light reading glasses by Peepers front view


If your face is relatively equal in height and width but with a strong jaw line that is nearly as wide as the forehead, you fall into the square face category. As a result, you’ll want to avoid angular frames and opt instead for round styles that soften rather than accentuate your natural angles. The Good Life in gold or rose gold is an ideal choice, with thin, metallic styling that makes your eyes the focus.


Brushwork in navy blue light cat-eye reading glasses by Peepers


It might seem like it would be easy to find frames for symmetrical, round faces, but this is actually one of the hardest face shapes to find suitable frames for. You’ll want to lean toward wider, angular frames. While a rectangle could work, a better choice would be a cat-eye, as with Brushwork. Whether you choose navy or tortoise fronts (complemented with multi-colored temples), the upturn will add depth.

Cat-eye frames are also a good match for diamond faces. This rare face shape is wider at the cheeks and narrows at the forehead and chin, so it can be a bit difficult to fit for frames if you don’t want to call attention to the widest part of your face. Your best bet is to add some width at the brow with a cat-eye frame.


Viewpoint half-frame rectangular tortoise blue light reading glasses by Peepers


This style of frame is pretty versatile on many different face shapes due to its small silhouette, but it’s especially flattering on heart-shaped faces—a pretty face shape somewhere between a circle and an oval with a wider forehead and narrow chin accentuated by high cheekbones. While heart-shaped faces can benefit from a variety of frame types, you’re going to want to accentuate those cheek bones, and the best way is with a wide but lightweight frame such as Viewpoint.


Blue Lagoon half-frame raised nose bridge Peepers reading glasses 

Half-Frame with Raised Bridge

These frames are part of the Peepers Classics Collection. They’ve been around for a long time and have their own dedicated fan base. With their rectangular shape and high nose bridge, they’re great for oval and heart-shaped faces. The angles counterbalance rounded jawlines while sitting lower on your nose, allowing you to easily glance up and over the frame to see at a distance without having to adjust your glasses. Dreamy Blue Lagoon will give you a cool splash of color while highlighting your best features.


Octagon Original multi-colored Peepers reading glasses 

Outside the Box

Venture off the beaten path with something unique, like Octagon Original in rainbow multi or tame tortoise that draws attention to your eyes. Like the soft square frames, this one has an overall rounded arch but also has angular corners that make it a good match for just about any face shape.

If you want to have a little more fun with your look, consider a funky round frame like The Rogue in black, red, or tortoise. Distinctively styled with smaller lenses and a triangular bridge, it’s sure to make a statement.




No matter what face shape you have, there’s a pair of Peepers that will perfectly complement your features.